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#NameAuthorForRatingShort description
1Clive CrousNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedFixes NetHack for 64bit
2Patric MuellerNetHack 3.4.3100%Fixes random crashes when acid drops into water
3Mikko JuolaNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedReplaces the PRNG used in NetHack with cryptographically secure algorithms.
4Eric HermanNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAs always, hackers should be encouraged to Read The Fine Manual.
5Stanislav TraykovNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedAdds one or more additional item categories for selection in drop/put_in/take_out menus.
6Eric HermanNetHack 3.4.380%Add "just move" option; no more typing 'm' between each move keystroke
7Patric MuellerNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedImplements an in-game advent calendar as a new special level
8PlagmanNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedThis patch fixes the tty input code to recognize Esc as the Meta-key, allowing to use Alt for extended commands
9Michael LehotayNetHack 3.4.3Not ratedPlaces a limit on the score you can get for killing monsters.
10Malcolm RyanNetHack 3.4.360%Calm hostile animals by chatting to them.
11EricNetHack 3.4.348%Makes pudding-farming and altar-camping more difficult.
12Karl GarrisonNetHack 3.4.380%Choose any monster as a starting pet
13Topi LinkalaNetHack 3.4.360%Allows the insertion of Amulet of Yendor, Candelabrum of Invocation, Bell of Opening and Book of Dead into a container.
14Aardvark JoeNetHack 3.4.386%Adds a new artifact: the Arkenstone
15Bent DalagerNetHack 3.4.380%Makes Yendorian Army soldiers slightly more clever
16Don LaursenNetHack 3.4.180%Adds a new object, an artifact crysknife called "Shai-hulud"
17TomsodNetHack 3.6.2Not ratedAllows sacrificing found artifacts to reduce artifact counter
18Pasi KallinenNetHack 3.4.380%Allows the user to define in which order NetHack asks the character creation questions.
19Adam BorowskiNetHack 3.4.3100%A bunch of random YAFMs
20Patric MuellerNetHack 3.4.3100%fixing the Astral call bug by randomizing the name of the God
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