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Acid dropping bug fix

NameAcid dropping bug fix 1.0
AuthorPatric Mueller
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionFixes random crashes when acid drops into water
 Dropping potions of acid or dipping them into water leads to random crashes. This patch fixes this and the following official bugs:

C343-19 Dipping acid in a fountain may not destroy the acid.
C343-179 If a monster is killed or tamed while over water (or by a drawbridge) while carrying a potion of acid, the game may panic.
C343-268 Used up potion of acid may end up in bones file.
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AddedDecember 29, 2008 00:47
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 Patric MuellerApril 12, 2013 18:46
C343-394 was added to the bug list after I submitted this entry. I was surprised to see this duplicate at the time and I interpret it now as a hint that the devteam itself doesn't have an overview of the bugs anymore.[Quote]
 Ray C.April 07, 2013 23:43
Yes, I have confirmed that it fixes C343-394.[Quote]
5KogutApril 07, 2013 21:22
According to it fixes also C343-394: Throwing a potion of acid into water may panic the game.[Quote]

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