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Army AI

NameArmy AI 0.1
AuthorBent Dalager
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionMakes Yendorian Army soldiers slightly more clever
 This patch makes Yendorian Army soldiers slightly smarter by letting them notice that the hero has reflection or MR and also lets them realize it when the hero has control of the drawbridge. They act accordingly.

The patch can be disabled by removing the ARMY_AI define from config.h

Note that if you are building NetHack using anything but the Unix makefiles, you will need to add army_ai.c and army_ai.h to your makefiles. Please get in touch if you have a patch for non-Unix makefiles.

More work will be done on this in the future. To keep track, get the latest version from the SVN repository:
Or if you want to stick to official releases:
DownloadGet it from us (25.8 Kb)
AddedSeptember 22, 2008 01:20
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4BulwersatorDecember 15, 2010 13:41
Looks interesting, but may result in message spam.[Quote]

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