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Artifact sacrifice

NameArtifact sacrifice 1.1
RatingNot rated
ForNetHack 3.6.2
DescriptionAllows sacrificing found artifacts to reduce artifact counter
 While bones are usually nice, it's very annoying to stumble upon some dead fool with a bag of Foobanes before getting a chance to wish for a good quest artifact. This patch attempts to alleviate this issue by allowing the player to sacrifice such junk artifacts, after which the game will not count them towards the number of generated artifacts for purposes of wishing and sacrifice. (To remind, an artifact wish may fail if two or more artifacts are generated, and the chance of an artifact gift also depends on this number.)

The artifacts that were actually gifted to you cannot be rid of this way, and such an attempt may actually make your god angry. Any other artifact will act like a high-value sacrifice (depending on how you obtained it), except you cannot convert altars with them.
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AddedSeptember 30, 2019 11:00
ChangedJanuary 26, 2020 09:05
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