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autosave patch

Nameautosave patch 0.1
RatingNot rated
AuthorVitaly Ostrosablin
ForNetHack 3.6.1
DescriptionAutomatic save-and-quit after N turns
 This patch adds a new compound option: autosave (as proposed in GitHub
issue #208).

The idea behind patch is to allow artificially limiting game session
duration, by automatically saving-and-quitting after playing for N turns
(where N is argument of the option). This could be useful for public
servers, where *Robin accounts are used as a form of multiplayer and
players play for N turns, and then give control to another person.
Another use case is to use this option to just keep yourself from
playing too long game sessions (e.g. during coffee-break, etc.).

Option is specified like this:


Which would save-and-quit after playing for 500 turns.

Defaults to -1 (autosave disabled). 0 is invalid value, because game
would then quit right after starting. Any positive value is used as turn
countdown, and when it reaches 0, game is saved and quit automatically.
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AddedAugust 27, 2019 08:00
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