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Guiding candle

NameGuiding candle 1.1
ForNetHack 3.6.1
DescriptionAdds a magical candle that detects unseen in its light radius
 This patch is actually against 3.6.2!

Guiding candle is a magical wax candle that, if non-cursed, affects the squares lit by it in a number of ways:
* invisible monsters in the lit area can be seen as if you had see invisible
** if you carry the lit candle, your own invisibility is also negated
* hidden monsters are revealed and prevented from hiding again
** this also applies to the player (mostly if polymorphed)
* secret doors, passages and traps are also revealed
* buried and underwater objects are temporarily illuminated

Blessed guiding candles also have a base light radius of 3 instead of 2, but in most other mundane ways the new candles behave like wax candles -- that includes their limited lifespan of 400 turns. Also, for balance reasons, each time a non-cursed guiding candle is lit, it instantly loses 10 turns from its remaining burn time.

The inspiration behind the patch is a "lamp that detects unseen" idea from some folks on Freenode, but I made it a candle to nerf it a bit.

The patch also includes a minor optimization to buried objects -- each square now has a bit for marking whether something is buried under it (buried objects are not normally stored per-tile). To make space for a new bit, the 3.6 bit for re-digable Castle trapdoors has been moved to the terrain flags.
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AddedSeptember 30, 2019 10:18
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5MarkJune 18, 2020 12:48
What a great idea. Love it.[Quote]

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