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Gem Charging

NameGem Charging 0.1
RatingNot rated
ForNetHack 3.6.1
DescriptionScroll of charging converts gems into rings, amulets, or wands.
 When I first starting playing nethack many years ago, I thought that reading a scroll of charging and targeting a ruby should result in a ruby ring. My logic on this was the the ruby in a ruby ring had been infused with magical energies, and a charging scroll seemed like a way this could happen.

What this patch does.
1. Gems that have a ring with a matching description convert to that ring when charged by reading a scroll of charging. (ruby -> ruby ring)
2. Gems that do not have a matching ring are mapped to amulets or wands instead. (Citrine -> oval amulet)
3. Worthless glass defaults to old behavoir of wasting the scroll.
4. Note that if successful the spell consumes ALL the gems in the slot then gives you the new item. Text to the user indicates this. Might make better sense to re-balance to only consume 1 gem, but I wasn't interested in trying to code it in, and this seems to work.

Balance considerations.
a. Scrolls of charging now have another use and become more valuable to the player.
b. Archeologists likely benefit the easiest due to touchstone.
c. All valuable gems have a mapping. (but not grey stones)
d. All amulets have a source gem. This might make AoLS easier to get.
e. Only some of the rings have a matching gem, so not all rings can be made in this method on any given game.
f. Only a few wands have a source gem.
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AddedDecember 27, 2018 02:52
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