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NameMultitool 0.0.0
RatingNot rated
ForNetHack 3.6.0
DescriptionAdds a multi-use item, the Swiss army knife, to the game.
 The multitool patch adds a tool called a Swiss army knife to the game. Characters other than Archeologists and Tourists will see it as simply a "multitool." The Swiss army knife is obviously a knife, but it has a few other uses which you can discover by experimenting with it in-game. You may find a hint in its encyclopedia entry, or by simply knowing what tools typically come in a Swiss army knife ;-)

Archeologists and Tourists start off knowing what a Swiss army knife is and have a very small chance of starting with one. Identifying the Swiss army knife does little but tell you that it is a knife, so I don't suggest wasting a scroll of identify on it. If you want to know what it's useful for, you can either read the source code or play with it and see what it does :-)

The multitool patch started out as a programming exercise for a larger patch I've been working on, but as this is one of the most prominent and unique features of said patch I've chosen to release it separately in the hopes someone else will find it useful.

## Spoilers ##

If you really must know everything the Swiss army knife does and you don't mind being spoiled, here are a list of functions:

- Useful as a knife. As a weapon, the Swiss army knife has the same properties as a regular "knife" except that it is made of a non-rustable metal, making it slightly more useful but still not a great weapon.
- Unlocks doors. `a'pplying the Swiss army knife will allow you to lock or unlock doors and chests.
- Opens tins. `w'ielding the Swiss army knife as a weapon while opening a tin will allow you to use it as a tin opener.

I also made some modifications to obj.h and read.c allowing you to "read" the multitool, but this is intended as an easter egg, not as a central gameplay function.

In order to cause the Swiss army knife to spawn in the dungeon, the pick-axe, also an item in the weapon-tool group, was made slightly less common. This shouldn't be noticeable in normal play, however, as the Swiss army knife is still a very rare item.

## I found a bug! ##

I would be surprised if the multitool patch contained any serious game-breaking bugs, as I chased quite a few out while coding it, but if you do find anything that this patch breaks or have some suggestions on alterations that should be made, you can contact me at crawldragon [human] gmail [floor] com. I also make occasional appearances on the IRC network Freenode, in the channels #nethack, #nethack-dev, and #nethack-offtopic, where you might more directly contact me. I do not suggest leaving comments on the website, as I am not actively checking those.
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AddedNovember 22, 2016 01:30
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