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Less Boring Cavemen

NameLess Boring Cavemen 1.0
RatingNot rated
AuthorDerek Ray
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionMany changes for the Caveman class to help add some spice/challenge
 Recently, I published an analysis of the games played on that focused specifically on trying to determine which
role was most commonly ascended, and by whom, along with some tweaks
to try to filter out things like Wizard quitscumming and the serial
ascenders who post 50+ ascensions and screw up the ratios. What I found
in the process was that my stats for Cavemen and Knights were almost
completely worthless due to the comparatively low number of games played in both these
roles, so I started talking to people and asking why.

The most common response was that Cavemen and Knights were too boring
and too similar to other "basher" roles, and the things that made
Knights special couldn't be used effectively. So, I've sat down with
both the roles to try to figure out how to add some flavor without
significantly disrupting the game balance for newer players, as well as
make it more interesting to play the role in the early game. This patch
focuses solely on the Caveman. (Experienced players, on the other hand,
may find some changes make things harder; since the ascension ratios for experienced
players are typically rather high, I am not inclined to apologize for making it harder. ;)

The change list is deliberately vague so that one can read about this and still remain somewhat "unspoiled" as to the technical details.

These changes affect all roles:

-- Rubbing any iron object on flint creates sparks, which have a chance of causing fear in some monsters and undead.
-- All quest nemeses no longer respect Elbereth.

These changes affect only Cavemen:
-- You can a)pply flint stones to arrows to increase their damage.
-- Your god has less chance of doing something nice or fixing minor troubles; major troubles will be fixed with the same frequency.
-- Cannot become unrestricted in edged weaponry; some skills have changed. Axe and knife remain appropriate though (flint axe, flint knife)
-- Can tame a mastodon by throwing food at it.
-- Cavemen get a small HP boost for remaining illiterate; the longer you remain illiterate, the better the boost.
-- Advancing a level while illiterate exercises wisdom.
-- Get an automatic 20% chance of fail on reading any spellbook.
-- Fire one additional rock from slings.
-- Get a questionable first artifact gift: Keolewa, the artifact club. (Taken from Hawaiian myth; this club supposedly extended across an entire district and took four thousand men to carry.)
-- Can now advance in escape spells. (Jumping and speed are appropriate for a primitive)
-- Can no longer advance in attack spells. (Not so thematic, plus everyone seems to get attack)
-- Get an an alignment bonus for cannibalism.
-- The Quest levels have received many significant changes.
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AddedApril 14, 2007 16:39
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