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NameClarent 1.0
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionAdds Clarent, the *other* sword from Arthurian legend
 Encyclopaedia entry: "Clarent is the sword which Arthur drew forth from the stone, proving himself a rightful king. It represents authority and leadership. Clarent cleaves through stone easily, but only those dedicated to law can remove it from a stony grasp."

- Clarent has the following properties:
- - Intelligent lawful short sword
- - Can be used to dig
- - When invoked, reveals the location of your retinue (all tame creatures) on the level, and increases the tameness of any within line of sight
- - Acts as a luckstone
- - Clarent submits to being held second to Excalibur (but not the other way around)
- - Annoys demons
- - If Clarent is stuck in a wall/door/tree/stone, then it can be pulled out by #untrap as long as you are at least devoutly lawful
- - Is not generated at random.
- - +d8+2 to hit and +d2 damage against thick-skinned monsters (all gargoyles, all mimics, all naga, all baby naga, all dragons, all baby dragons, the Chromatic Dragon, Ixoth, {gold, wood, clay, stone, glass, iron} golems, mumakil, titanotheres, baluchitheria, mastodons, earth elementals, xorn, skeletons, horned devils, barbed devils, sharks, crocodiles, salamanders)

- Excalibur's demon-annoying properties have been transferred to Clarent.

- Clarent is now the Lawful crowning gift. If you are wielding a non-artifact short sword when crowned, it will be transformed into Clarent, much as used to happen for Excalibur. Otherwise, assuming Clarent doesn't already exist in the game, it will appear.

- If you are beside a wall/door/tree/stone when you receive Clarent from crowning or from a wish, it will arrive stuck into the stone; you must then be at least devoutly lawful to pull it out (by #untrap), as discussed above.
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AddedMarch 08, 2007 14:27
ChangedDecember 28, 2008 11:01
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4Gin DummySeptember 20, 2010 04:48
Wow! 24 years of formal education, and I never learned about Clarent before today? Why, oh why, didn't I get that liberal arts education? Oh yeah, because no employer ever asked me about strange women lying in ponds distributing swords.[Quote]
 RandomMarineDecember 23, 2008 17:31
Link to the patch is broken, webarchive didn't help much.[Quote]
5John H.March 13, 2007 00:47
Hmm... I am provisionally in favor of this. Excalibur is rather easy to obtain for some kinds of characters. Not sure I like it becoming the Lawful crowning gift though.[Quote]

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