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Ring of memory

NameRing of memory 1.0
AuthorGreg Falcon
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionRings of memory increase spell memorization duration, protect against amnesia
 Suggested by Haakon Studebaker on r.g.r.n. Rings of memory seem like a highly appropriate addition to Nethack. Here is my take on the idea.

* New attribute "keen memory" with the following effects:
* spell memorization decays at 2/3 the normal rate
* immunity from the amnesia effects of scrolls of amnesia and tentacle attack
* successful foocubus encounter always results in "you will always remember the foocubus"
* (Party because it's funny, partly to add a downside to intrinsic keen memory)
* New item "ring of memory" confers keen memory
* The ring "wants to be" remembered, knowledge of it survives most amnesia events
* Sink message: "The sink looks exactly as you remember it."
* Intrinsic keen memory when polymorphed into a mumak or mastodon
* (An elephant never forgets)
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AddedDecember 27, 2006 09:10
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5DavidFebruary 27, 2013 08:27
I love it. Maybe there should be a small chance of it auto-identifying the first time you pick one up with a message, "You somehow remember this ring from a past life".

Also, the cursed version should increase spell forgetting and occasionally do a much weakened amnesia effect on you[Quote]
3PulsewidthJune 05, 2008 20:37
Spell decay is slow enough already that 2/3rds rate isn't very useful. This item should completely eliminate spell decay (which could be a negative if you need a forgotten spell for confusion), and even then it will be rarely worth using the ring slot.[Quote]
 DMarch 04, 2007 06:00
Whoops, accidently ignored the "successful encounter" part, but here's an idea for bad side effects: (warning: real complex).

1. If some monster deals real bad damage (say below 5% of HP), give some random chance of PTSD (post-tramatic stress disorder) quasi-randomly after that event, until you read a scroll of amnesia; the guy has really vivid memory, so make him go confused, then stunned, like eating dog food. Then give 1d200 turns until that happens again. (This might overfix it, but I don't care.)

2. If you eat it, get 3d100 turns of that intrinsic, until it fades away.[Quote]
 Greg FalconMarch 01, 2007 17:40
You can still get bad stuff, it's just that if you do get something good, it will be a WIS increase. I have to admit the foocubus effect of the ring might be more of a bonus than a penalty for WIS casters, something I had not noticed before. I'm not sure whether to remove it.[Quote]
 DMarch 01, 2007 02:19
Actually, this is still kinda unbalanced (I'm a priest, and I know that I will ALWAYS get Wis increase from that encounter. No bad stuff... and no more useless stat gains.)[Quote]
 Greg FalconFebruary 27, 2007 01:31
Like most rings, there's a 1-in-3 chance that eating it will grant the intrinsic. This, and being polymorphed into some kind of elephant, are the only way to get the intrinsic.

Note that when you have the keen memory intrinsic, successful foocubus encounters always end in "You will always remember the foocubus...", so that level gains from them are impossible afterward. Hopefully this balances the intrinsic somewhat.[Quote]
5DFebruary 24, 2007 05:48
This is a really good idea; having really keen memory (where everyone here always forgets stuff), just one question: does the intrinsic get absorbed by the player when he eats it as a metal eating monster?[Quote]
5John H.January 15, 2007 20:34
Nice idea![Quote]

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