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New Castle Levels

NameNew Castle Levels v1.0
AuthorPasi Kallinen
ForNetHack 3.4.2
DescriptionAdds 2 new castle level variants.
 Does not affect bones or saves.
Download (15.8 Kb)
AddedJanuary 30, 2005 17:32
ChangedFebruary 20, 2006 22:46
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 scummosJune 23, 2010 18:51
The drawbridge isn't even the biggest problem, the problem is the trapdoors to the VoTD which are a) next to the room full of powerful monsters (so it's really difficult to retreat etc., especially if everything is filled with boulders from giants!) and b) need to be passed to get to the wishing wand -- unlike the original castle.
As I said, I didn't try the lava version. :][Quote]
 DargorJune 23, 2010 15:14
Don't know for the instrument (I prefer to destroy drawbridges) but you can do lava version without levitation : right now I have a Knight (with the Amulet) which does not have any source of levitation, except for potions (which were all diluted). I can see at least jumping and freezing lava as alternatives (almost sank in lava there, by the way).[Quote]
 scummosJune 22, 2010 23:45
The Levels are really great. Neverthereless, I removed them from my build.
I only played the water variant of the castle, I didn't try the lava one. So I'll just talk about the water one.

First, the castle is a very, very important part of NetHack, because it provides you with the wishing wand. Thus, it's relevant for the difficulty and playing style how and when you can get that wand.
In the original castle, you need:
* EITHER an instrument OR levitation
* In no case, you'll need Reflection. You can well do without.
In contrast, in your castle:
* You need BOTH an instrument AND levitation, or you need to destroy the drawbridge; then you still need lev, which is harder to get.
* You WILL need reflection because of the dragons.

Thus: In the NH castle, you can come without lev and SDSM, then wish for them with the wand. In your castle, you need both of them; plus it's harder to kill the monsters. There's also no food.

If you could mb fix that... would be great! :][Quote]
5DargorJanuary 20, 2010 05:09
Great levels, the castle is no longer a sinecure.[Quote]
 paxedApril 18, 2006 21:31
John H. wrote:

I do have reservations, however, about whether the patch works with 3.4.3.

It works just fine. The castle des-file hasn't changed since... uh, ages.[Quote]
5John H.April 18, 2006 07:55
More variety is good. I do have reservations, however, about whether the patch works with 3.4.3.[Quote]

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