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Dilapidated Armouries

NameDilapidated Armouries v1.0
ForNetHack 3.4.3
DescriptionA new special room containing rusted and rotted equipment.
 This patch adds the "dilapidated armoury", which contains an assortment of free weapons and armour - however, most of the items have taken significant rust or rot damage. Also, the equipment is guarded by rust monsters, disenchanters, and brown puddings, all of which have attacks that damage the player's equipment in different ways. Thus, the player recieves the greatest gain from this room if they know how to avoid erosion attacks, and how to repair eroded equipment.
Download (7.6 Kb)
AddedNovember 23, 2005 17:55
ChangedSeptember 10, 2010 23:34
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 AximiliMay 02, 2022 08:03
I cannot find L's patches on their site anymore. Some patches can still be found on, such as this one:[Quote]
5DavidFebruary 27, 2013 08:29
More dungeon diversity is good[Quote]
4sonikJune 25, 2010 02:09
Great patch I had to lower the depth level that you would find this room in slashem because a large room can have up to 4 disenchanters 8 rust monsters and 8 or more brown puddings. brown puddings and rust monsters are not so bad but 4 disenchanters are REALLY hardcore for a level 5 character. Even though that scenario is pretty uncommon I still changed it to require a bit more depth.[Quote]
 LAugust 11, 2008 10:52
New download link here:[Quote]
 Benjamin S.August 03, 2008 06:37
The link to download this patch is broken! Furthermore, does NOT have a copy... Does anyone still have a copy and are willing to post a working download link? Pretty please?[Quote]

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